Does your TV have an HDMI Port, on the Back?
let me show you what you are looking for
HDMI on back of TV
If you’re not sure, then check to see if the Letters ‘HDMI’ are on the back of your TV.
If you can see ‘HDMI’ on the back of your TV, then YES, a Fire TV Stick will definitely work on your TV. That is all the Device needs to work.
What if I am still unsure
Don’t worry, if you are still a little unsure, you’re not alone, many people still have a TV from the Dawn of Man. If you are one of these lucky people that has a TV that still works, from the Dinosaur Age and it makes you happy, then I Applaud you.
But still, there is a Fair chance that a Fire Stick will work on your TV.
As an Extra Check, to be sure. Try looking at the Remote for your TV. Not the Sky box, or the Music Box, just the TV. The Remote that came with your TV when you Bought it.
It may be that you don’t actually use that remote anymore, but the remote will allow you to change the options on the TV itself.
On my Remote I have a button called ‘Input’. It also says AV next to the Button. This is the button that allows me to choose which Input Hole on the back of my TV, is going to be active.
For instance, if I have something plugged into the TV, and I used my TV remote to choose that Device that is plugged in, then I would need to press the ‘Input’ button on my remote, to change my TV, to that Device.
For Instance a DVD Player, or a Computer Games Console.
Right, try to look for that button on your Remote. If you find it, press it while pointing the Remote at your TV. You should see some Menu or Text pop up on your TV Screen.
You may see the letters HDMI, or you may have to press the button a few times to find it. If you see them, then you have HDMI built into your TV.

What if I am still not sure if I have, HDMI on my TV?
It may be that you don’t have HDMI on your TV, it is unlikely though, as most TV’s do have at least one HDMI, somewhere.
It can be behind that Plastic Door, that you have always wondered about, where the Buttons and the weird holes are. Have a look for such a Plastic Door. Check to see if a HDMI, like in the Image above, is Hiding behind the Plastic Door of Mystery?
Some TVs have the HDMI on the Side, either side, Left or Right. Keep looking. You might find some money, while you are back there!

You might have a HDMI Lead plugged into the TV
And that is why you can’t see the HDMI, like in the Picture above. If you have a Lead or two plugged into the back of your TV then try pulling them out, one at a time, though, so you don’t forget where they plug back into.
Now look at the end of the lead that came out of the TV. Does it look something like this.
hdmi lead shape
Don’t worry if the Lead is a different Colour, or if it is made of metal or anything else. The only thing matters is if the end of the lead, the metal part, like in the image, is shaped like the metal part in the Image.

Just to be Completely sure, Ask someone to check
If someone is near by, ask them to look for an HDMI hole, on your TV. That is all you have to ask them!
If they ask you, a Question, that makes you confused, then just repeat your question, with wide eyes, staring into the eyes of the other, as if you were in a trance.
Repeat the words ‘Do I Have HDMI on my TV’.
If they continue to ask you questions you don’t understand, then turn your back to the person, and say the Words, ‘HDMI…My TV….Do I Have’. That will get them to look for you. 😋

Most TVs do have an HDMI port built in. It’s been around for a while now. So if your TV really doesn’t have the HDMI Port, then maybe you have a TV in your home that does…?

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