Will your Patio likely get Wet?

So that is a very Open Question. Lets imagine we wanted a Speaker or Speakers that could survive a dip into the Toilet and be fully Submerged, For Minutes. Then that is what IP67 Speakers will give you. A Bloody good Waterproof Speaker. To be Exact it could survive sitting at the bottom of a Full Bathing Tub of Water, for 30 minutes. You could take it into the Shower with you and pretend that you’re Elvis Presley, while the Water running over your ears helps conceal the truth of your Real Tone.

Competitive Pricing of the Speaker, Is It something you need to Consider?

By Competitively I mean it’s not going to make you wish you hadn’t spent that much money, and it is, for the price, the best in this range of speakers.
Top of the BRAND, and Range speakers that don’t have all these features, of an Outdoor Speaker, can be pricey, around the $500 Price Range. For me that is way to high! for a Speaker!
You may may disagree, and You may also be right, but my thinking is, If I am buying a speaker, for a purpose, then I am going to check the Speaker has the features I need, and sounds like it is a Top of the Range Speaker, but for a price that is no higher than $200.
I go for this Price Range for a reason and not just because, I can’t afford $500 or I Resent the Price, no, there is a Justified reason, that the big Branding Corporations want you to Overlook or Miss.

It is possible to find a Patio speaker that is in this price range that doesn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable

It will have the Sound Quality of an overpriced speaker and the Niche Features that you know you need, as a Wireless Patio Speaker.
My Experience when buying highly rated Branded Speakers, that don’t fit my Lifestyle, has left me with a home full of Gadgets and Devices that I never use. But on Paper these devices are amazing, just not what I Really need. You may have noticed that overpriced Speakers, may not be as good as a Speaker that is far lower in price, or the overpriced Speaker has a Gimmick Feature, that is currently Trending, but has no real long term value as a useful feature
In a nutshell the sensible price range to start your search, for Wireless Speakers, is no more than $200. In that Price range you begin to see the less Overpriced Brand Speakers, more Niche Featured, and Excellent Quality Speakers. At this middle price range you will see Speakers that have amazing Features without an expensive Brand.

Has your Patio got a Hard Floor, that could break the Speaker?

Luckily a Few Speakers exist that will survive a drop from about 6 feet without any marks or change to the performance. The outer shell of the speaker should really be a Matt Finish. We all want a Glossy Finish, as that is the prettiest Look to have but a month down the road after purchase and your speaker will be a Fingerprint and Scratch Magnet. Thats why I suggest a Less Shiny or Less Glossy finish

Would you like to take your Speaker Indoors as well?

The Two most common ways that Wireless Speakers receive sound, is WIFI and Bluetooth. Most Speakers come with either one or the other. But as of 2021 speakers are starting to come with both options.

Why would you want Both WIFI and Bluetooth

Well its so you can roam about seamlessly about your home and the Speaker will connect to the surrounding technology.
If you are outside, then you will probably be using Bluetooth and if you only had WIFI you would get disruptions in signal from your Phone or Tablet, Router for the WIFI and The Speaker. Also if you happen to have more than one of a Speaker that also have Bluetooth and, or WIFI, then the Software built into the Speakers will automatically connect your Speaker with the nearby speakers when you are indoors or outdoors. Obviously you can turn all these features On or Off in the settings and Fine Tune the Settings too. 

If you have Power in your Patio, will you need an All Day Battery

Most of you listen to your Music, Audio-books or Radio for shorter times than an whole day, but how many times have you used something, that is battery powered, more than once a day and left it unplugged?
You see that’s why it’s so important to have a long battery life.
Not because you are listening all day, but because you will probably use, and move a device several times, and not always remember, or be bothered to connect it to the Power supply

The Sonos Roam

This Speaker is State of the Art. It has just been released, Officially the Release date is April 20th of 2021. That is even newer than this Post. You will find all the features above are Present. It is fully Wireless and you can Roam about from house to Patio, and it will connect to all Bluetooth Speakers or WiFi Speakers you have setup in the Settings. The Sonos Roam comes with, new technology called ‘Sound Swap’. What Sound Swap allows you to do is Manually send sound to other speakers around your home. This gives you control over How, When and Where you listen to your Music. The Predecessor to the Sonos Roam is the Sonos Move, which is an excellent Speaker but hasn’t got all the features you need as a Patio Outdoor Speaker. The Feature that the Roam has that the Move doesn’t is the use of WiFi and Blutooth, At the Same Time. This is key. Basically it makes your Listening experience less of a Chore and more of a All Surrounding Audio Experience. Seamlessly following you around the home.

Sonos Trueplay. Why is this Feature Important for Outdoor use?

To put it simply, it’s a game changer. Trueplay should be built into all outdoor speakers. The Technology is Mind Boggingly complex and luckily we don’t need to know the Technical side just what it does. If you move your Speaker from one corner of a room to another or inside to outdoors then your Speaker Sound will have to be altered, not only so you can hear it but the Voice tones and Bass will need tweaking, allowing you to continue listening to you Audio Book or Music. This is where Trueplay Shines. The Technology of Trueplay automatically alters the Sound to fit the enviroment. It actually can read the area around itself and make the Sound fit for purpose. You might want the Speaker hidden behind you seat while you are outdoors or in, and the Sonos will alter the sound quality, so you can hear it as clear as if it were right next to you. The Software takes all the Acoustic Variables into consideration and Adjust the Tweeter and Woofer, making the sound as good as possible. I can’t tell you how exceting this feature is. You will never have to place your speaker in an area that suits the sound quality again. Just place the Sonos where ever you want and like magic it will just work

I Love this Speaker

Please Excuse the Cringe Video Below, it is however a great visual look at the Speaker, and it’s short too

I have Pre-ordered My Sonos and will be getting two more for the Roaming Features, so I can walk about, and show off as the Music follows me 😎
The Sonos Roam is Priced in the $150 Price Range. This Price is just Shocking for the Features you are getting, you expect to have to pay around the $400 Price. Fresh off the Production line Speakers have to make an impression, and I am certainly Impressed, with this price
The speaker has the IP67 Water Protection. This means you can drop the Speaker into a 1 metre Deep Pool and it will sit happily for at least 30 Minutes. That Feature always makes me smile, it seems Magical to me that a Speaker will survive Deep Water
The Case is made, as always with Sonos, from the Material that will last and hide all scratches and Fingerprints. I’m Spoilt
The Sonos Roam has a new Technology, that makes use of the Bluetooth and WiFi Connectivity Options. The Sonos Roam will automatically Send the audio to devices, such as more Sonos Speakers, as you are in the range you have set in the Settings. The Sonos will Automatically connect to your WiFi as you enter your Home and automatically re-join any Bluetooth Devices such as your Mobile Phone or Tablet, that you may have in the Patio or Garden. The Sonos is truly the Next Generation of Wireless Speaker. I’m so excited 😆

Sound Quality and Volume

Do I really need it to be a Smart Speaker?

Sound Quality and Volume

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